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Download Facebook Videos to MP4 for Free

Facebook is one of the most widely use social networking network on the globe. Users generally watch reels, share films and photos with their friends and relatives. Furthermore, people reach a large audience and sell their products or services on Facebook. Making it an excellent marketing tool. If you want to MP4 videos but, are unable to get them from Facebook. Likewise, it’s a challenging component. Users might not know how to download it.

There are several Facebook video downloaders available right now on the internet. After using multiple downloaders, we found FBVideoDown, which is the greatest Facebook reels and pictures downloaders. Furthermore, this program is highly suggested to everybody who uses Facebook and wants to download movies to MP4.


FBVideoDown makes it simple and 100% free to download Fb videos, stories, reels, photos, and other content. You can download everything from Facebook which you like. Similarly, the video will be immediately stored in the highest resolution and real quality.

How to download videos online for free from Facebook

  • Get the Video Link
  • Open FBVideoDown and Paste Link
  • Select the Format
  • Download the Video

Get the Video Link

Find any stuff such as videos, stories, and reels to download. Firstly, by clicking the Share icon on Facebook and selecting the Copy link option, you can do it quickly.

Open FBVideoDown and Paste Link

Open in your web browser. Additionally, you can paste the link in the box which is located at the head of the page. Click the Download button after pasting your URL there.

Select the Format

Before clicking download you must set the format you want, such as resolution, quality of the video, and more. Further, Choose the format, then watch the preview video.

Download the Video

The file will be ready for download once FBVideoDown has finished processing. Click the Download icon, after finishing the downloaded. File will appear displayed in both the file manager and the Downloads.



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