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4 Convenient Ways to Check FBISE Class 9 and 10 Annual Exam Results

The moment of truth has arrived for the students of Class 9 and 10 who appeared for the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) annual examinations. The results for SSC Part-I and Part-II are set to be announced, leaving many students eager to know their performance. In this blog, we will explore four convenient methods through which students can access their FBISE exam results without any hassle.

1. Official Website of FBISE: The most accessible and immediate way to check the FBISE exam results is by visiting the official website. As soon as the results are declared, the board will upload them on their website. Students can follow a simple process of entering their roll numbers or other required details to view their scores. This method ensures quick access to results and is compatible with various devices.

2. SMS Service: For students who prefer a mobile-based approach, FBISE offers an SMS service. By sending a message to 5050 in the format “FB[Roll Number],” students can receive their results directly on their phones. This option is particularly handy for those without internet access or those on the go.

3. Calling FBISE: Another reliable method to obtain the exam results is by calling the FBISE helpline at 051 9269555-59. This helpline will be operational after the official result announcement. Students can talk to representatives and provide their details to receive the results promptly. It’s a straightforward option for those who prefer human interaction over digital means.

4. Official Result Gazette: The FBISE publishes an Official Result Gazette for SSC-I and SSC-II shortly after the official announcement. Students can access this gazette, which contains the complete list of exam results, directly from the board’s website. It’s an organized and comprehensive way to check results for those who want to see the performance of their peers as well.

The FBISE is committed to ensuring that students have easy and convenient access to their exam results. With the methods mentioned above, every student can quickly find out how they performed in their Class 9 and 10 annual examinations. Whether it’s through the official website, SMS service, helpline, or the Official Result Gazette, the board aims to make the result-checking process smooth and stress-free for all students. Congratulations to the high achievers, and for those who may not be satisfied with their performance, remember that results are just one aspect of your academic journey. Keep striving for excellence, and success will follow!



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