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Dubai Introduces AI for Pedestrian Safety

In a significant leap towards creating a safer and smarter city, Dubai has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative – 14 AI-powered pedestrian crossings in the Dubai Silicon Oasis. Leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence, these crossings have the ability to activate warning signs and traffic signals for vehicles, providing an added layer of protection to pedestrians and cyclists. Developed in collaboration with AI traffic tech developer Derq, this visionary project aligns perfectly with Dubai’s commitment to becoming a leading smart city. The Real-Time Perception and Connectivity AI Platform underwent rigorous testing for two years before its full-scale implementation, ensuring the highest level of efficiency and safety.

A Step Towards a Cyclist-Friendly Dubai:

The introduction of AI-powered pedestrian crossings comes as a fitting move in line with Dubai’s cyclist-friendly aspirations. Georges Auoude, co-founder of Derq, expressed the significance of this project in fulfilling Dubai’s vision for a more pedestrian and cyclist-safe environment. The partnership between Derq and Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority, represented by Muammar Al Katheeri, reflects a joint effort to progress pedestrian safety in the city.

AI Technology for Enhanced Safety:

The innovative AI system installed at these crossings is equipped to detect and track vehicles in real-time, providing drivers with ample time to slow down and ensure safe crossing for pedestrians. The system’s customizable alerts and durations are tailored to remain active for a predetermined crossing time or until pedestrians have safely crossed the road. The use of high-speed 5G connectivity further enhances the platform’s capabilities, enabling it to gather traffic data and operate remotely.

A Comprehensive Approach to Road Safety:

Dubai’s commitment to road safety extends beyond AI-powered pedestrian crossings. The UAE recently launched the Salamah 365 project, focusing on addressing accidents, floods, and pedestrian safety. Interactive warnings will be implemented on accident-prone routes, while monitoring of dam and valley floods will further enhance safety measures.

Abu Dhabi Police have also stepped up efforts to ensure road safety with solar-powered road alerts. Visible from a distance of 200 meters, these colored lights – blue and red for incidents and yellow for bad weather – offer real-time alerts, boosting safety both day and night.

Dubai’s introduction of AI-powered pedestrian crossings marks a remarkable achievement in embracing cutting-edge technology to prioritize road safety. With an unwavering commitment to becoming a smart city, this initiative aligns with Dubai’s larger vision of creating a safer, cyclist-friendly environment for its residents and visitors alike. As the UAE continues to introduce innovative measures such as the Salamah 365 project and solar-powered road alerts, the nation solidifies its position as a global leader in road safety and smart city development.



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