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PUBG Mobile will release its latest version 2.2 with a new map Nusa and numerous exciting features.

PUBG MOBILE is releasing a new version 2.2 update that includes:

  • A brand new map of Nusa, a tropical paradise with fast-paced action from start to finish.
  • New themed game mode: Gear Front Mode. 
  • A number of updates for Erangel, including updates to locations and game mechanics. 
  • New content with Cycle 3 Season 8 and Royale Pass Month 15

Tomorrow, PUBG MOBILE will release its new update version 2.2, which will allow players to explore the tropics with the new Nusa map, fight in new locations in the updated Erangel, experience the exciting themed game mode Gear Front Mode and also unlock and use. a number of new cosmetics in the cycle 3 season 8 and month 15 of the Royale Pass. After a summer full of festivals, PUBG MOBILE brings players back to the battlefield!

Version 2.2 brings a brand new map for players to enjoy, explore and battle! Nusa is a new 1x1km tourist island map set in the tropics. Players who are overstocked will jump in and immediately find themselves in exciting battles! A small map, matches are completed much faster than on maps like Erangel or Livik, which means the game will be fast and exciting. Next to the gunfights, Nusa is an island with many beautiful views and vistas. Players preparing for the next shootout can stop and appreciate the beauty, though not for too long!

Nusa will also introduce a new Super Recall mechanic that allows players who are eliminated early to rejoin a match if they still have surviving teammates. Individual players will automatically refresh.

The new map features a number of new ways to move quickly, from zip lines dotted around the map to elevators in his multi-level Telepak Town apartment. Nusa also gets new weapons: a tactical crossbow and his NS2000 shotgun. Players can also hop on his new 2-seater quad bike, which is stable and nimble.

In addition to new maps, there are updates to old favorite maps. PUBG MOBILE version 2.2 update also brings many changes to Erangel. First, Mirta’s hospital and power structures have been updated to make fighting and finding supplies more efficient.

Two new ports have been added to Erangel. One southwest of the farm and one south of the Sosnovka military base. There are also updates to the appearance of the ferry docks. There is also a flash shop that randomly appears in the new Rainbow Weather Effect, Erangel and Gas



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