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Marina Sports City presents a Sports Anthem to shed light on the inadequacy of sporting facilities in Pakistan.

Presenting the new anthem in light of true sportsmanship, integrity and competition; Al Jalil Developers – A better lifestyle development embodies a new vision to introduce Marina Sports City Residencia as the first such development to highlight, support and encourage sports in Pakistan. With recent wins at the 2022 CommonWealth Games, we can see how much talent our youth has to offer, and with a little more orientation, we can see that the Olympic gold medals are flying.

Whether it’s running through tracks, quickly dodging opponents to reach the finish line, or nimbly swimming to beat the clock; all sports are fueled by fire to win it all and Al Jalil Developers hit the mark. The multi-faceted anthem thus sheds new light on what it means to strive, compete and win. The sole existence of this project is to spread a brand new sports personality that is actively part of a new lifestyle that focuses on mind and body. It is this exclusivity of sports inclusion that has made the anthem a shining beacon of hope that we should all strive for in today’s digital world.

Combining power and vision, Anthem goes deep into what it means to be an athlete at heart. A will so strong that if tamed by direction and guidance, it can achieve undoubted milestones. With Marina Sports City Residencia begins a lifestyle that is the true pinnacle of what it means to be an athlete, to truly become the lifestyle of champions.



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