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HBL increases the services age limit of employees up to 65 years

HBL bank in Pakistan, has announced an increase in the age of employees from 60 years to 65 years. This first-of-its-kind step underlines the bank’s commitment to the well-being of its employees, ensuring their continued prosperity.

In the current socio-economic environment, this first step of its kind is a fundamental change for the financial industry. This ensures that employees will continue to financially support their families during these challenging global and local economic times. Moreover, it will enable the bank’s experienced employees to further utilize their skills and also pass them on to the younger generation.

Commenting on the initiative, Muhammad Aurangzeb, President and CEO – HBL said, “The progress the Bank has made over the last eight decades would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of its people. Under the leadership of the Chairman and Board of Directors, HBL has taken a major step to raise the age limit for service delivery to improve the quality of life of those we work with and those we serve.



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