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Olx Pakistan Taking Oath in name of Allah from Sellers to Receive Commission

According to reports, OLX Pakistan has recently launched a new policy that requires sellers to pledge loyalty to Allah before posting free marketing on the website and to pay a fee to the business for any goods that are ultimately sold. Olx Pakistan guarantees that all deals on the site are carried out honestly and honorably.

OLX Pakistan Policy: 

A verse from Surah Nahl and a proclamation of the task are both present in the stolen photograph. The seller agrees in the declaration area to pay OLX a 1% commission within ten days of the transaction. The policy also highlights the significance of keeping Islamic principles throughout all aspects of business enterprise life. Similarly, it will oblige the sellers to operate their businesses honestly and ethically without participating in any dishonest or misleading activities.

Best Online Marketplace

The online marketplace OLX Pakistan allows consumers to purchase and trade a wide range of products and services such as electronics, cars, real estate, and job postings. Furthermore, the website enables people and organizations to connect with local buyers or sellers by helping them submit advertising for free.

Eliminating Unethical Activities

OLX The objective of Pakistan’s new regulation, which requires that sellers make a promise in the name of the Almighty, is to prevent fraudulent activity on the platform. Online marketplaces face a serious problem with unethical activities since many scammers are attempting to abuse ignorant clients. However, this oath is thought to be a method of preventing scam artists and unethical dealers from using the marketplace.


OLX Pakistan has declared that, in addition to the oath demand, it would collect a commission on effectively sold items. The incentive will be removed from the seller’s earnings as a % of the sale price. The commission price has not officially been disclosed, although it is believed to be lower than that of other online marketplaces.



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