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Check Etisalat Balance: Prepaid, Postpaid Data

Etisalat is one of the famous telecommunication companies in the United Arab Emirates. This company takes over the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) as an entire. There are different public and private enterprises as well as large and small businesses comprising more than 300,000 employees throughout Etisalat’s customers. Furthermore, this telecommunication company is working in 15-plus countries around the globe. It is also the 18th largest internet provider in the world. UAE is a popular tourist destination. when people visit UAE must use an Etisalat or other telecom operator’s SIM card. Before traveling to the UAE or using an Etisalat SIM, you must read our comprehensive guide on how to check Etisalat balance.

Etisalat Offers

Etisalat is the strongest telecom company in the globe. It provides affordable services, such as outside telecommunication, phone services, digital tv services, and internet access.

How to check Etisalat Data Balance

Users can verify the Etisalat amount on a prepaid and postpaid SIM card with the help of a USSD code, an SMS text message, and the Etisalat app.  Similarly, this simple guide makes checking your Etisalat balance as straightforward as possible for everyone.

Check Prepaid Balance

It is very simple to determine how much money is still in our Etisalat prepaid account. You can use a code to check your prepaid Etisalat balance by doing the following:

  • If you want more details on the balance that is still on your account, dial *121#.
  • For new deals and promotions, dial *101#.
  • What the deal of the day is, dial *050#.

Check Postpaid Balance

The final stage of a payment cycle is often when consumers who chose postpaid service get their monthly invoices. Moreover, there are different methods to verify the postpaid bill   ahead it comes.

You can verify your Etisalat postpaid balance.

  • Dialing *142#
  • Using Etisalat app
  • Through SMS dial 1010

Fill Up Your Etisalat Account Balance

There are different methods available to fill your Etisalat balance. Users can choose from the following options.

  • Autopay
  • Quick pay
  • Etisalat balance app
  • Recharge card and vouchers

You may recharge your Etisalat balance using these applications. First, make sure the app is registered on your phone. Choose the due date and sum as well. Online services are available for all applicants.



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