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Google Doodle Celebrates Dr. Mod Helmy

Google Doodle recently honored Dr. Mohammed ‘Mod’ Helmy, an extraordinary Egyptian-German medical doctor who selflessly risked his life to save Jewish people during the tumultuous times of the Second World War. Berlin artist, Noa Snir, immortalized this hero on Tuesday, depicting Dr. Helmy with his arms wrapped around the community he so valiantly protected.

The Google Doodle is a regular feature of the search engine, celebrating the achievements of individuals, ideas, traditions, or events that have left a profound impact on humanity.

Born in Sudan, Dr. Mohammed Helmy underwent his medical training at the former Robert Koch Hospital in Berlin. However, the rise of Adolf Hitler to power in 1933 led to foreign staff being marginalized, resulting in his dismissal. Despite facing adversity, he continued to demonstrate unwavering courage in the face of danger. Arrested and released twice in 1939 and 1940 due to his ailing health, Dr. Helmy was declared unfit for internment.

Under the oppressive Nazi regime, he was prevented from marrying his German fiancée and was relegated to the position of a doctor’s assistant. Nevertheless, he defied the odds by writing medical excuses for innocent people, sparing them from forced labor.

Dr. Helmy’s most remarkable acts of heroism involved shielding Jewish patient Anna Boros from the clutches of the Nazis. Despite being under police investigation, he refused to give her up, providing a safe haven until she could escape capture. Not only did he protect Anna, but he also assisted her family in finding safety, displaying immense courage and integrity.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the Google Doodle, artist Noa Snir expressed her profound admiration for Dr. Helmy’s selflessness. Coming from a Jewish background herself, the story of individuals outside the Jewish community risking their lives to help others during the Second World War instilled hope in her for humanity’s goodness.

Dr. Helmy’s life journey was filled with challenges due to his ethnicity and background, yet he remained undeterred in his mission to aid others. His immense courage is a testament to the indomitable spirit of the human heart, shining a light even in the darkest moments of history.

Dr. Mohammed ‘Mod’ Helmy passed away at the age of 80 in 1982. On Tuesday, the Google Doodle commemorated what would have been his 122nd birthday.

The Doodle serves as a reminder of the extraordinary acts of bravery exhibited by individuals like Dr. Helmy during the Second World War. It is being displayed in various countries, including the UK, Cuba, Iceland, Germany, Slovakia, Czechia, and Israel, signifying the global impact of his heroic deeds.

As we reflect on Dr. Helmy’s selflessness, we are reminded to draw inspiration from his example and emulate the courage he displayed in our own lives, no matter how small the act may be. His legacy continues to serve as a beacon of hope, urging us all to be agents of compassion and solidarity in our communities.



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