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Infinix Note 30 Pro Price and Specifications in Pakistan

The Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series, which includes Pakistan’s first All-Round FastCharge smartphone, is anticipated to launch at the end of July. While the official date is yet to be announced, let’s take a detailed look at what the Infinix NOTE 30 and NOTE 30 Pro have to offer:

All-Round FastCharge Revolution: Infinix’s All-Round FastCharge Technology is the result of collaboration with the TESLA Science Center, bringing various charging solutions based on the user’s needs. The Infinix NOTE 30 Pro is equipped with a 68W All-Round Fast charging, enabling the smartphone to reach 0 – 100% charge in no time. Furthermore, the Infinix NOTE 30 Pro introduces up to 15W wireless charging, marking a significant step towards a cordless future.


The 68W and 45W All-Round FastCharge of Infinix NOTE 30 Pro and Infinix NOTE 30, respectively, not only enable Fast Charge but also offer AI Smart Charge, Bypass Charge, and Reverse Charge. Bypass Charge keeps the phone temperature minimal during intense gameplay, while Reverse Charge allows the phone to charge other accessories and even other smartphones. AI Smart Charge syncs with the user’s charging habits to avoid overcharging, and Wireless Charge creates a tidy, cord-free workspace on the desk. In summary, the All-Round Fast Charge of the Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series addresses various charging concerns in one place.

AMOLED Eye-Care Display:  The Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series features an AMOLED Eye-Care display, designed with the user’s eye health in mind. It reduces harmful blue light emissions and minimizes eye strain during prolonged usage. Combined with the 120 Hz rapid refresh rate of the Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series, scrolling through content becomes incredibly smooth, enhancing overall responsiveness and fluidity.

Master Triple Camera:  Infinix NOTE 30 Pro is equipped with a powerful 108MP primary camera, offering exceptional detail in every shot. One exciting camera feature is Dual Video View, which blends the rear camera view with the wide-angle camera view in one frame.

Infinix NOTE 30 Pro features a 108MP rear camera along with a 32MP selfie camera, while Infinix NOTE 30 has a 64MP rear camera and a 16MP selfie camera.

Up to 16 GB Extended RAM:  With an extended RAM of up to 16GB, the Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series excels under all usage scenarios, whether it’s gaming, multitasking, or app performance. The extended RAM enhances overall multitasking experience, and both Infinix NOTE 30 Pro and Infinix NOTE 30 offer 8 GB RAM for expansion.

A Cinematic Sound Experience: The Infinix NOTE 30 series features dual stereo sound speakers certified by JBL and HI Res, ensuring a cinematic sound quality. Users can expect a rich audio experience while watching movies, listening to music, or playing games.

In conclusion, the Infinix NOTE 30 Pro series promises to revolutionize smartphone charging with its All-Round FastCharge technology. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting series!



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