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Security Officer at Islamia University Involved in Explicit Videos of Female Staff and Students

A startling incident has shaken the peaceful grounds of Islamia University Bahawalpur (IUB), as the Chief Security Officer (CSO) faces arrest on serious charges. Police officers at the Baghdadul Jadid police station made the arrest after discovering crystal meth (ice) and aphrodisiacs in the CSO’s possession during a routine checkpoint stop. However, the shocking discovery did not end there. Disturbingly, the suspect’s two mobile phones contained explicit videos and pictures of female university officials and students, raising serious concerns about privacy and security on the campus.

The incident began when a car was signaled to stop at a checkpoint by the Baghdadul Jadid police. The driver, later identified as Syed Ejaz Hussain Shah, attempted to escape, but the officers managed to intercept the vehicle. A search of the suspect’s possession yielded 10 grams of crystal meth and aphrodisiacs, indicating a potential involvement in drug-related activities.

However, the arrest took a darker turn when the police discovered explicit content on Shah’s mobile phones. Numerous objectionable videos and pictures of women, including female university officials and students from various departments of IUB, were found on the devices. This shocking revelation has sparked outrage and raised questions about the safety and privacy of individuals within educational institutions.

In a further chilling revelation, the suspect reportedly confessed to using and selling crystal meth. Moreover, he acknowledged that the explicit content found on his mobile phones indeed involved the university’s female personnel and students, adding another layer of concern to the already distressing situation.

According to Baghdadul Jadid SHO Abid Hamid, the police conducted the search based on intelligence-driven information and their dedicated efforts to eradicate drug peddlers from educational institutions. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need to ensure a drug-free and secure environment for students and staff within the university campus.

When approached for a response, the IUB spokesperson Shehzad Khalid remained silent, refraining from providing any comments despite repeated attempts. As this distressing news unfolds, the university must address the issue transparently and take appropriate actions to restore trust and ensure the safety of its members.



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