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iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, PTA taxes updated

IPhone series is the favorite smartphone for youngsters as well as officials. IPhone users need to pay tax and custom duty to seamlessly connect to Pakistani networks after the government has deployed new taxes. 


Due to heavy taxes, the price of PTA-Approved iPhones is getting higher each day.

The Pakistani government has imposed PTA taxes on iPhones and all imported phones. The tax has been increased by nearly 20% of the phone’s real price. 

The reason for increasing the taxes was to record all the imported phone’s IMEI data on the PTA database. Certainly, this will help the Government to easily know about robbed, smuggled phones. 2023 PTA taxes have now increased for all other smartphones as well. 

It is getting hard for locals now to purchase smartphones as PTA is continually imposing taxes. Rather than giving relief to the people, the government is charging taxes on non-PTA approval as well.  

Updated PTA Taxes On iPhone 14 Pro Series

Sharing the revised list of recently set taxes on the iPhone 14 Pro and the Pro Max models

Devices PTA Tax on Passport (PKR) PTA Tax on CNIC (PKR)
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 131,000 152,424
Apple iPhone 14 Pro 127,000 145,801


In the past few months we can see the rates are rapidly increasing for iPhones. 

However, the basic reason for increasing the rates of smartphones is the low State Bank Reserves and the devaluation of Pakistani banknotes. Therefore, presently, the government has stopped imports to stale the economy. 


Though it can be a good step for shopkeepers, who import phones in bulk, it can not be appropriate for regular users to import with high taxes just for their personal use. 


According to PTA, “mobile phones imported into the country will now be subject to a tax each.” This shows that the price of the iPhone will now be increased when it is carried into Pakistan.


Adding to it the PTA also said that “the tax had been imposed to promote local manufacturing” and will help generate revenue for the government. The authority also said the tax would not apply to mobile phones already in use.”



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