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Google’s Event Set for October 4th to Pixel 8th

The tech world is gearing up for an exciting hardware season, and Google is making sure not to miss out. With Apple’s iPhone 15 event date officially confirmed, Google has stepped in with its Pixel 8 event, slated for October 4 in the bustling city of New York. The event promises to unveil the much-anticipated Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro flagships, building upon the momentum set by the earlier Pixel 7a announcement and the groundbreaking Pixel Fold revealed at Google I/O.

Traditionally, Google’s annual Made by Google event introduces a host of new hardware offerings. This year, expectations are high for the unveiling of the Pixel Watch 2, building on the foundation laid by last year’s mixed-bag success of the original Pixel Watch. The Pixel Watch was Google’s initial foray into Wear OS devices and brought to light some of the positives stemming from Google’s 2019 acquisition of Fitbit.

While the Pixel line had a somewhat rocky start, it has undergone significant transformation since the launch of the Pixel 6 in 2021. This marked a pivotal moment for the line, introducing premium design, enhanced optics, and Google’s in-house Tensor chip. Leaks for the Pixel 8 have already begun circulating, with early images showcasing a design reminiscent of the Pixel 7. Notable details include the expected Tensor G3 chip, boasting nine cores and built on the Arm Immortalis architecture.

Anticipation is building as tech enthusiasts speculate about what else Google might have in store. Although a Pixel Tablet update isn’t anticipated, the Nest/Home line could see significant enhancements after a period of relative quietness. The event is a potential opportunity for Google to reinvigorate its smart home offerings.

For those eager to catch the unveiling firsthand, the event will be livestreamed on YouTube at 10 AM ET. As always, we’ll be on-site to provide you with all the latest updates and insights straight from the event floor. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Google’s Pixel 8 event on October 4!



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