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How to Get iPhone 15 in UAE with Easy Installments

The anticipation for Apple’s iPhone 15 has reached a fever pitch in the UAE, with eager tech enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the chance to experience its new features. Notably, the introduction of USB-C charging and the lightning-fast A17 chipset has sparked excitement among consumers.

The official release date for the iPhone 15 series in the UAE is set for September 15 at 4 pm, with phone pickups scheduled to commence on September 22. Prices for the iPhone 15 start at Dh3,399, making it an attractive proposition for those looking to upgrade their devices.

Vikas Chadha, CEO of Jumbo Electronics, is optimistic about the iPhone 15’s reception in the UAE market. The alluring new colors, finishes, and performance upgrades are expected to captivate tech enthusiasts and potentially lure Android users considering a switch to iOS 17. Retailers are actively engaging with customers, sharing pre-order dates, trade-in offers for old phones, future buyback plans, and collaborations with banks for exclusive deals.

One particularly enticing option for customers is the opportunity to trade in their old smartphones for a discount on the new iPhone 15, a service offered by retailers like Jumbo Electronics. Additionally, retailers such as Eros Group are gearing up to provide flexible payment options, including monthly installments and deferred payments, simplifying the purchasing process for eager iPhone 15 buyers.

In the UAE, consumers have a penchant for high-end products that offer robust features. Vikas Chadha predicts that the iPhone 15 Pro models, particularly the Pro Max, will enjoy immense popularity due to their substantial enhancements. Rajat Asthana, the Chief Operating Officer of Eros Group, concurs, emphasizing that the iPhone Pro and Pro Max deliver exceptional features at a competitive price point.

As the new iPhone 15 hits the market, older iPhone models are expected to see price reductions. Jumbo’s CEO anticipates a potential drop of 7 to 12 percent in the prices of older iPhone models, while Rajat Asthana estimates a decrease of approximately 10 to 15 percent. However, it may take some time before significant price reductions materialize for older models, as the allure of the iPhone 15 continues to captivate consumers.



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