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Islamabad’s Shift to Automatic Street Lights

In a groundbreaking stride towards modernization, Islamabad is shedding its decades-old manual street lighting system in favor of a state-of-the-art automated upgrade. This ambitious initiative is set to revolutionize the cityscape, offering not only enhanced efficiency but also substantial benefits in terms of manpower and energy conservation.

The transition from the manual operation, which has served the capital for over six decades, to a cutting-edge automated system is already underway. The first phase involves a pilot project along the bustling 7th Avenue and Saddar Road in Sector G-6. Here, the once manually controlled streetlights have seamlessly transitioned to an automated system, responding to the natural rhythm of sunset and sunrise. The success of this pilot, operational for three weeks now, sets the stage for a city-wide transformation.

In the previous manual setup, the Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) streetlights division had to deploy personnel to physically visit each sector, a time-consuming process that required an hour for each sector. Managing hundreds of on-off boxes scattered across the city added an additional layer of complexity. The new automated system, managed centrally by a single computer, not only streamlines the operation but also introduces a level of monitoring efficiency that was previously unattainable.

The significance of this transition becomes evident when considering the scale of Islamabad’s street lighting network — approximately 42,000 streetlights. The full-scale implementation of this automated system promises a paradigm shift in staff utilization and energy conservation. The move not only marks a technological leap forward but also signifies a commitment to advancing the city’s infrastructure in alignment with contemporary standards.

As Islamabad embraces the future with automated street lights, the city stands at the forefront of a progressive urban transformation. This shift not only heralds improved functionality but also underscores the commitment to sustainability and smart city initiatives. The automated streetlights project, with its potential to significantly enhance operational efficiency, is a beacon guiding Islamabad towards a brighter, more sustainable future.



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