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STARZPLAY Partners up with DW to Launch Global Docuseries “US and THEM”


Starzplay by Cinepax | broadcast republic

As Pakistan’s streaming market continues to grow, STARZPLAY is excited to announce a new partnership with Deutsche Welle (DW) to bring the riveting documentary series “Us and Them” to your screens. Starzplay partners up with DW for raising voice against a major societal issue i.e. generational gap.



After the previous top trending series named “Pakistanis and HER: Women in Asia” got an amazing response from the audience. A new unique and reality-based series “US and THEM” ensures a way more exciting and pleasing impact on its audience. Viewers will be able to see a remarkable direction. 

This docuseries will help audiences to relate to reality through the deep meanings revolving around families worldwide. It shows an arduous struggle between two worlds.

  • A world in the house and
  • A world outside where one has to go through many circumstances in order to identify who he/she actually is. 

The generational gap is the main clue to touch in this series. The young generation nowadays has to go along with several things. Like going out, exploring things and people, and learning lots of lessons. These lessons help them to identify their own purpose of existence but this creates disharmony among the parents and children. 

The conflicts start due to incomprehension. It prevails from families on a small level resulting in divisions in societies on a large level. 

DW’s Distribution Manager Asia, Daniel Schulz said “Us and Them is a collection of real-life stories that would be relatable to audiences around the globe, and we are glad to have brought the format to Pakistan where this series can spark a positive discussion and debate”

Sukena Rizvi, Distribution Executive for DW in Pakistan further added “We intend to deliver more international content that is both enjoyable and educational to their viewers. Starzplay’s partnership with DW has enabled it to reach millions of audiences across Pakistan.”

The title “US and THEM” suggests the unspoken societal issue that is the generational gap to be comprehended widely. It persuades the audience to engage in conversations and eradicate this societal division. 

“Us and Them” is a window for reconciliation and connection by casting light on the common struggles and aspirations that unite us across generations. Through empathy, open conversation, and an appetite to learn from one another, the stories of resilient behavior, growth, and redemption shown in the series offer fans hope for the future.

Cinepax Group Chairman Arif Baig Mohamed stated: “So far, collaborating with a reputable broadcaster like DW has been successful. In addition to being educational and insightful, the concepts they present in their series also hit home with a lot of our viewers.”

Viewers can watch the docuseries “US and THEM ” on the STARZPLAY website and STARZPLAY app. 



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