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Love is Back? Netflix drops Trailer for “You” S4 part Two

The trailer of part 2 of the fourth season of “You” has been released by Netflix, and it features the return of Victoria Pedretti’s character, Love Quinn.

*spoiler ahead*

In the previous season, Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) found out that Rhys Montrose (played by Ed Speleers) was the ‘Eat the Rich Killer,’ who had persuaded him to commit crimes again. As a result, Joe is now a prime target.

In the latest trailer, there is a face-off between Joe and Rhys, during which Rhys admits that he sees Joe as a like-minded individual.

In the trailer, Rhys expresses his desire for a companion who has similar interests, someone to confide in and share secrets with, saying “I care about you, Joe.” Despite Joe’s denial of being a “cold-blooded psycho,” the scene then cuts to him digging another grave.

The show takes another unexpected turn when Joe enters a room and find his wife, Love Quinn, who appeared to have died at the end of season three, sitting calmly and reading a book in one of the glass cages used by the killer to hold his victims. This twist adds to the already wild and unpredictable nature of the show.

After the release of Part 1 of season 4, fans were disappointed, as the season wasn’t fixated on Joe and his new love life, instead, it was more focused on some elites which surrounded Joe.
Many fans took to Twitter to show their disappointment at the new season.

Some fans also stated that they want Love Quinn back in the show

So the glimpse of Love Quinn in the trailer of part 2 has finally made the fans happy, and they are excited about the next release. Let’s see what this murderer duo is going to show ahead.



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