Wednesday, July 17, 2024 An Online Shopping Site got Hacked An Online Shopping Site got Hacked, a famous online shopping site, suffered from having its data stolen on a dark web hackers’ forum. Naheed verified the news to a local site, claiming that one of their user’s laptops was stolen. As the result of several spam efforts, the attackers access non-critical test data on one of their staging servers.

The Naheed Hyper Market has an online store, which is the top-notch online retailer in Pakistan for online shopping. They offer a wide range of products such as Food, accessories, skincare, hair care, electronics, and many other items are available. Additionally, they provide clients with the convenience of buying from the comfort of their homes by providing online shopping and delivery services through their website and mobile app.

This online shopping site has been hacked. Similarly, the company must act quickly to protect its consumers and sensitive information, such as consumers’ personal and financial information. According to the hackers, the database contains up to 23,000 user records and 108 order details, which include sensitive information such as names, user IDs, payment details, email, addresses, phone numbers, and more. should take some important steps to minimise the damage. They must carry out an in-depth investigation to assess the magnitude and type of the incident. As well as the company should collaborate with cybersecurity experts to discover vulnerabilities and adopt stronger security measures to avoid similar experiences in the future.

Online shopping stores inform their customers about the breach and also Provide us with details about what data was leaked, and what actions the company is taking to repair the damage. Furthermore, Naheed must take quick action to safeguard its networks to stop additional unwanted access. This can involve installing two-factor authentication, resetting passwords, and updating security software.

A Naheed online store should focus on the security of its clients and take decisive steps to prevent security breaches. Likewise, users must equally assume responsibility to ensure their protection by using secure passwords, routinely monitoring their accounts, and reporting any unusual activity.



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