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Free Flour and Subsidised Gas Distribution among Poor People in Ramadan

In the meeting of the Punjab Government, the Prime Minister announced a major relief during Ramadan with the collaboration of the Federal Government. There is a huge package declared to distribute free Flour and discounted gas to needy people during Ramzan.

Pakistan is currently suffering a food crisis, particularly concerning wheat flour, as a result of several issues. Also, fuel prices are rising by the day. Ramazan is the month of blessing, kindness, and generosity. In addition, the Pakistani government announced a financial relief package. It is a key method of eliminating poverty and helping those who are trying to make budgets meet.

The cabinet accepted a policy to offer free wheat flour bags to middle-income families that cost less than Rs.60,000 as a part of the special Ramadan relief package. During Ramadan, families with id cards will obtain three packets of 10 kg wheat flour for free. Furthermore, the free wheat flour supply will assist around 1.58 crore households and ten crore people. The delivery of free wheat flour will begin on the 25th of Sha’ban and will remain till the 25th of Ramadan.

These packages will be delivered at particular grocery stores, trucking sites, and utility stores. The delivery of free Flour will be clear, and effective, and the advantages hit people who require them most by establishing more distribution sites and applying modern technologies.

As part of a relief initiative, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif agreed to offer bike and rickshaw owners discounted fuel. For the drivers of these automobiles, they put out some suggestions for providing cheap gas.

This project will be supervised in each district by commissioners, Prevention systems, deputy commissioners, and DPOs. It was also ordered to launch a public awareness program for the aid package. The meeting also covers the working hours, the new office hours will be from 7.30 am to 2.30 pm Monday through Thursday and up to 12.30 pm on Friday starting from the first of Ramadan. 



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