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KalPay announces its partnership with Muawin

This partnership will enable KalPay, the nation’s leading Shariah Aligned B2C digital lending provider, to expand its offering of the most flexible and direct payment option (Buy Now, Pay Later) for customers while leveraging the credit capabilities of Muawin, Pakistan’s renowned B2B BNPL. financial lender to empower traders and businesses through working capital funding.

Over the past few years, BNPL has become an incredibly popular option among consumers – allowing them to acquire goods through flexible and interest-free payments offered in the form of a secure and seamless payment experience provided by merchants using BNPL.

As KalPay ensures a drastic increase in the purchasing power of customers through its leading platform BNPL, merchants will see a surge in orders. They will have to meet this growing demand to ensure a steady supply of products and get maximum benefit from BNPL as a service. This is where Muawin comes into play.

As Pakistan’s leading B2B BNPL with a loan portfolio spanning multiple sectors including shipping, retail, logistics and agriculture, Muawin plays a key role in helping SMEs gain financial control over their businesses. Through this partnership, KalPay will leverage Muawin’s proprietary technology suite to provide end-to-end digital financing solutions to their online merchant network, helping to jointly create a thriving financial inclusion ecosystem.

Speaking at the announcement, Waleed Amjad Islam, Co-Founder and COO of KalPay said, “Our strategic alliance with Muawin is a leap forward for digital lending in Pakistan. With its expertise in B2B lending, Muawin complements our B2C offering and paves the way for a holistic credit scoring mechanism at the lending hub in Pakistan. Together, we aim to revolutionize how the average Pakistani can access credit.

Co-founder and CSO of Muawin, Hashim Ali, added: “This significant partnership is a testament to our collaborative vision for financial inclusion. As market leaders, we are proud to be leading the charge to democratize finance – while building partnerships with institutions like KalPay to create a platform that can drive the incremental digitization of credit for SMEs.

In the near future, Muawin and KalPay will continue to work to expand the scope of their collaboration in building a unique platform to accelerate the impact of BNPL’s solutions and ensure financial independence for the community at large.



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