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Jazz Partners with Careem to Empower Technology in Pakistan

In the realm of digital innovation, Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital operator, and Careem, a trailblazer in the country’s ride-hailing services, have recently reaffirmed their commitment to advancing the customer experience through an extended and strengthened partnership. Rooted in a shared mission to empower the people of Pakistan through cutting-edge technology, this collaboration represents a significant step toward providing unprecedented benefits and convenience to their shared customer base.

The recent gathering of Jazz and Careem’s leadership at the Jazz headquarters in Islamabad emphasized their dedication to fostering stronger ties and exploring new avenues to cater to the evolving needs of Pakistani users through the most advanced digital solutions available.

Kazim Mujtaba, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Jazz, emphasized the power of partnerships in creating innovative solutions that enhance the lives of millions of Pakistanis, aligning with their overarching DO1440 strategy, which aims to seamlessly integrate with users throughout their daily digital interactions.

Imran Saleem, General Manager of Ride-Hailing at Careem Pakistan, emphasized the joint strength of both brands, leading to increased convenience and savings for their customers. He highlighted the ongoing commitment to introducing innovative offers that continue to elevate the customer experience within this long-term partnership.

This collaboration builds upon the history of innovative partnerships between Jazz and Careem, marked by various promotions that have benefited their customers. Notably, the recent introduction of an exclusive limited-time offer for Jazz customers, allowing them to enjoy cashback on Careem rides, serves as a testament to the mutual dedication to enhancing customer satisfaction and convenience.

Through their enduring partnership, Jazz and Careem showcase the transformative power of collaboration in driving positive change, emphasizing Jazz’s dedication to empowering communities, fostering progress, and creating a more connected future for all.



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