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Instagram’s Close Friends Now in Your Main Feed

Instagram is rolling out a significant expansion to its Close Friends feature. Originally limited to sharing stories with a select group of individuals, users can now exclusively share main feed posts and reels with their Close Friends, adding a layer of privacy and personalization to their content.

The process is simple yet effective. Before posting, users can navigate to the “audience” menu, where they can handpick their Close Friends list. Once shared, the post or reel will be distinguishable in Close Friends’ feeds by a distinctive green star icon, mirroring the recognizable green ring that identifies Close Friends stories.

What sets this feature apart is its consistency across various post types, including stories, reels, feed posts, and notes. Whether you’re sharing a fleeting moment in a story or a carefully curated feed post, your Close Friends will remain a consistent audience, offering a seamless and cohesive sharing experience.

Instagram has strategically integrated private messaging into the Close Friends feature. When someone responds to a Close Friends story, it functions as a direct message, maintaining the privacy inherent in such interactions. However, likes or comments on Close Friends’ main feed posts or reels are visible to others within the Close Friends circle, fostering a sense of community and engagement.

Originally observed during testing in September, this expansion comes at an opportune moment, especially with the recent discontinuation of a similar feature by another social media platform. As platforms like BeReal gain popularity by championing authenticity, Instagram aims to cater to users’ desire for genuine connections and content.

In an official statement, Instagram expressed, “We know our community already uses Close Friends as a pressure-free space to connect with the people that matter most. We hope this opens up more ways to be your most authentic self on Instagram while having more choices over who sees your content.”

For content creators, this update brings exciting prospects. While some creators already leverage third-party apps to monetize Close Friends stories, the expanded feature now allows them to explore new revenue streams by offering exclusive Instagram content beyond ephemeral stories.

As social media continues to evolve, Instagram’s Close Friends feature stands out as a testament to the platform’s commitment to user-centric innovation, emphasizing meaningful connections and personalized content sharing.



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