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Instagram is thinking of making reels longer to rival TikTok

As reported by famous mobile developer and leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is thinking of making the reels considerably longer in duration. Reels currently have a runtime of three minutes, but screenshots Paluzzi posted indicate that this may soon increase to ten minutes. This update would ultimately transform Instagram into a more effective video-sharing platform like YouTube.

Although it hasn’t been formally announced by Meta, the 10-minute Reels feature has been expected, especially in response to TikTok’s comparable feature.

Initially, creators developed Reels to produce intriguing and short video clips to increase engagement. With Instagram thinking of making reels longer, they could now feature longer, YouTube-style content like 10-minute vlogs and product reviews. Ten-minute videos will present new opportunities for individuals who favor longer content.

As short-video platforms adopt lengthier formats, YouTube’s superiority in long-form content confronts new challenges.

It’s unclear whether Instagram’s algorithm will recommend lengthier videos at the same level as it recommends shorter ones. Please feel free to comment with your opinions on this topic.



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