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List of 10 most Beneficial Brands

As one of the world’s biggest tech companies, the smartphone market especially in the U.S. is defeated by Apple. More than 50% of the active smartphones are now iPhones. 

After Apple, Amazon is becoming the 2nd brand with a value of $350.3 billion. This is not incredible, considering the tech giant has usually seen itself neck-and-neck with Apple in the rankings. According to the report it is placed as 1st in the last editions. 

TikTok is becoming the other worthy brand. Year-over-year 215% of the increase in the brand value is seen by the social media corporation. It is becoming the fastest-growing brand in the list of brands. 

From 2019-2021, in just 2 years users based of this platform seem to be skyrocketing, expanding from 291.4 million to 655.9 million. 

According to prophecies from Insider Intelligence, “If this growth continues, TikTok could reach nearly one billion users by 2025.” 

Media is the second most valuable sector—19% of the top 100 brands fall under the media and telecoms sector, including Google, Facebook, and WeChat.

Partially, COVID-19 is the reason for this, as media consumption increased. In the first nine months of 2021, Snapchat’s daily usage grew by 77%. Despite increased traction with users, it’s worth noting the company is now feeling the sting as the real world competes for attention spans once again and advertisers begin to ghost the app due to recession jitters.

As pandemic restrictions fade out around the world, and murmurs of a global recession threaten global economic growth, next year’s report could see some big shifts in brand value.

Here’s a complete list of the 10 most beneficial brands according to the report:

Rank Brand 2022 Brand Value ($B) Country Sector
1 Apple $355.1 United States Tech & Services
2 Amazon $350.3 United States Retail & Consumer Goods
3 Google $263.4 United States Media & Telecoms
4 Microsoft $184.2 United States Tech & Services
5 Walmart $111.9 United States Retail & Consumer Goods
6 Samsung Group $107.3 South Korea Tech & Services
7 Facebook $101.2 United States Media & Telecoms
8 ICBC $75.1 China Banking & Insurance
9 Huawei $71.2 China Tech & Services
10 Verizon $69.6 United States Media & Telecoms



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