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TECNO and JoChaho Sign MoU for E-commerce Partnership

TECHNO Mobile is now leading the smartphone industry globally. TECHNO Mobile is dedicated to bringing new inventions to its users by teaming up with JoChaho. TECHNO’s main aim is to bring premium technologies into the lives of its users at a reasonable price. 

The JoChaho mobile application is developed to provide customers with a suitable and seamless shopping experience. JoChaho is offering a wide range of features such as premium customer support, fast delivery, and easy returns. They are providing with original products to its users, so customers can trust them while buying the products from JoChaho. 

Through this memorandum of learning, TECNO will provide pre-booking of all their machines through the JoChaho platform. Furthermore, JoChaho Digital campaigns will be shared and promoted by TECHNO. 

Kelvin Zeng, TECNO Pakistan CEO said, “We are excited to join forces with JoChaho to provide our customers with even more value and convenience,” said “This partnership will allow us to reach more customers and offer exclusive promotions that are not available anywhere else, along with the added convenience of fast delivery, easy returns and exceptional customer support, provided by JoChaho.”

In return, the JoChaho campaigns will be giving a premium place to techno mobile. Furthermore, JoChaho will be promoting all of TECNO’s campaigns on their digital, online, and offline markets.

Zhao Liang said, “we have high hopes for this collaboration. TECNO has been revolutionizing the digital experience in the emerging global market. This collaboration will bring out the best of our partnership for the Pakistani market and users. We as the JoChaho team will put our best efforts and expertise to smoothen the e-commerce sales and relationship of TECNO users.”

TECNO Mobiles and JoChaho will be helping each other to grow strong in the Online and offline markets. To grab the attention of buyers on JoChaho, TECHNO will offer premium discounts. 



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