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Pakistan’s Most Enchanting Places: 6 Must-Visit Destinations for Travelers

Pakistan is blessed with all the benefits a country can have. One couldn’t ask for a more pleasing adventure destination. But unfortunately, Pakistan’s negative image created by the media press has distracted the audience.

Discover the Royal Charm of Bahawalpur: A City of History, Culture, and Color


Bahawalpur lies among the dry areas of the Cholistan Desert. It is neighboring the Indian border closely. Once Bahawalpur was the hub of a princely nation headed by the Nawabs. Bahawalpur is a city consisting of an incredible collection of monuments, from the golden era of Farid Gate, Noor Mahal, and some royal tombs. 


Chitral: Where Adventure and Beauty Converge in Pakistan's Northern Frontier


Ensconced within a productive valley under the potent Tirich Mir – at 7,700m the tallest mountain in the Hindu Kush. Chitral Town is a relaxing spot, populated by friendly and welcoming individuals. Chitral Bazar has become festive with many restaurants and stalls run by Afghan refugees. Chitral is divided into 2 sections: one for the airstrip and the other for the polo field. The old mud fort is still lying on the Chitral river next to the Shahi Mosque. 

Experience the Untamed Beauty of Deosai National Park: Pakistan's Alpine Wonderland 

Deosai National Park

Deosai National park is famous for its prosperous fauna and flora. The Deosai grasslands lie along the Karakoram-West Tibetan Plateau. Its impressive biodiversity has gained the distinction of a national wilderness park. Basically, Deosai is founded to secure the survival of snow leopards, and Himalayan brown bears, the park is also a household of giant soaring lammergeiers and golden marmots.

Fairy Meadows: Where Majestic Mountains Meet Mythical Legends in Northern Pakistan

Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows is a blessed area of Pakistan consisting of exquisite beauty. Fairy Meadows must be on the list of places to be visited in Pakistan. 3 hours of hiking track is required to see the mesmerizing sensoria of Nanga Parbat, the killer mountain ranging at 8,000m is very satisfying. 

"Gilgit: A Glimpse into the Scenic Beauty and Rich Culture of Northern Pakistan"


Gilgit a region of Gilgit-Baltistan is definitely no postcard town. Surrounded by stark black mountains it holds the stifling sensation of a spot cut off from the rest of the globe. It is also a splendid site to watch frontier polo, a rough version of the dazzling sport where few if any, restrictions use.

Hunza Valley: Discover the Hidden Jewel of Northern Pakistan's Natural Splendor and Cultural Richness


Hunza is a small mountainous region, it was a semi-independent state but recently unified with Pakistan. It is named after Prince Karim Agha Khan, the spiritual chief of the Shia Ismaili Nizari society. Hunza is known as one of the glorious areas of Pakistan. Pakistan’s national game, cricket is usually played in the streets. The people of Hunza are lively and friendly so they would definitely ask one to participate with them in playing games. 


Pakistan’s sightseeing areas have been beautifully defined by Wild Fortiners.



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