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Pakistan Railways Increase the Train Fares

Pakistan Railways (PR) has increased the fares of two trains, the Tezgam Express and the Jafar Express.

According to details, Tezgam’s economy class fare for the Rawalpindi-Karachi route has been increased from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 3,500, while the Rawalpindi-Lahore route’s fare has been raised from Rs. 500 to Rs. 950.

In addition to this, Pakistan Railway has raised the Jafar Express ticket fare from Rs. 2,860 to Rs. 3,700 for the Rawalpindi-Quetta route.

TrainRoutePrevious FareCurrent Fare
Tezgam ExpressRawalpindi-KarachiRs. 2,000Rs. 3,500
Tezgam ExpressRawalpindi-LahoreRs. 500 Rs. 950
Jafar ExpressRawalpindi-QuettaRs. 2,860Rs. 3,700

Pakistan Railway is also considering reacquiring Maher Express, Bilal Express, Farid Express, and Bahauddin Zakaria Express, which were handed over to the private sector.

The state-owned railway incurred severe damages to its infrastructure during the severe floods across Pakistan. As a result, its operations were stopped which caused inflation.

The operations were restarted in October and the authorities raised ticket fares for several trains to battle inflation.

In other news, Pakistan railway plans to reopen all closed sections in Balochistan, which will help the local people and also bring some profit to the department.

A Railways Ministry official said that this step will help the locals of the province and will also increase the economic activity for small-scale business owners.



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