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Punjab’s Temporary Relief to Citizens Without Driving Licenses

In a welcome move for the residents of Punjab, Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has decided to postpone the implementation of the proposed increase in driving license fees. Originally set to take effect today, the fee hike has now been rescheduled to commence on January 16, providing citizens with a temporary reprieve.

Chief Minister Naqvi underscored the importance of utilizing this extended period to obtain driving licenses at the current fee. Expressing concern over the growing number of individuals driving without valid licenses, he urged citizens to comply with regulations before the new deadline. Naqvi issued a stern warning, cautioning that failure to do so could lead to legal consequences, including potential imprisonment.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Chief Minister Naqvi directed relevant authorities to expedite the license issuance process. He stressed the need for streamlined procedures to ensure citizens can acquire their licenses promptly.

The decision to delay the fee hike comes as a relief for many residents who were caught off guard by the initial implementation date. The additional time provides an opportunity for those who have not yet secured their driving licenses to avoid the impending increase in fees.

Chief Minister Naqvi reiterated the significance of responsible driving behavior and adherence to traffic regulations. He emphasized that obtaining a driving license is not only a legal requirement but also a crucial step towards ensuring road safety for all citizens.

As Punjab extends this lifeline to its residents, it serves as a reminder for individuals to act responsibly and proactively in fulfilling their civic duties. Seizing this window of opportunity could not only save citizens from financial burdens but also contribute to a safer and more compliant driving culture in the region. Let us all drive responsibly and ensure the safety of our roads for ourselves and our fellow citizens.



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