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Punjab Introduces Interest-Free E-Bikes and E-Rickshaws

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable transportation, Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has launched the ‘Green Wheels’ program in Punjab. This visionary initiative aims to promote eco-friendly commuting by making 10,000 electric bikes and rickshaws available to the public on favorable terms, completely interest-free.

During a media address, Naqvi outlined key features of the program, revealing that 2,000 electric three-wheeler bikes would be allocated to special individuals, entirely interest-free. Additionally, 2,000 electric bikes are earmarked for government employees, and another 2,000 will be distributed to women in both government and private sectors, all without interest.

A noteworthy aspect of the announcement is the significant policy shift in government procurement. The Caretaker Chief Minister declared a ban on the acquisition of fuel motorcycles at the government level, signaling a commitment to exclusively procure electric bikes, aligning with the global trend toward sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

Naqvi underscored the government’s dedication to addressing environmental concerns and promoting sustainable practices through this initiative. He urged citizens to embrace the opportunity, emphasizing the collective contribution to a greener and cleaner future for Punjab.

The rollout of the electric transportation program is scheduled in the coming weeks, marking a significant milestone in Punjab’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development. As ‘Green Wheels’ takes center stage, Punjab sets a positive example for regions aiming to reduce their carbon footprint and transition towards a more sustainable mode of transportation.



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