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How to Get a Driving License in Dubai

Obtaining a driving license in Dubai is a systematic process meticulously designed to prioritize road safety and regulatory compliance. The eligibility criteria vary depending on the type of vehicle, spanning motorcycles to buses, and have age requirements ranging from 17 to 21.

The key documents required for a driving license application include Emirates ID, residence copy, passport copy, eye test report, passport-size photos, and a No Objection Certificate from the sponsor. The journey commences with registration at an approved driving school, followed by an eye test and the issuance of a temporary learner’s permit.

Mandatory theoretical and practical training sessions are integral, leading to the completion of required driving tests. Successful completion of these steps allows applicants to fill out a form at a registered driving license center, submitting necessary documents and test clearances from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai to obtain their driver’s license.

For individuals holding foreign licenses from RTA-registered countries, a conversion process is available. This process requires documents such as the original license, passport, No Objection Letter, residence visa, and theory and RTA road test forms.

Driving license costs in Dubai, covering lessons, tests, and documentation, range from 345,560.33 RS to 537,538.29 RS, contingent on the chosen driving school and the number of courses. RTA-approved driving schools, including Dubai Driving Center, Al Ahli Driving School, Belhasa Driving Center, Excellence Driving Center, and Emirates Driving Institute, facilitate the learning process.

Exemptions from mandatory lessons exist for citizens with valid driving licenses, allowing them to obtain a license online via the MOI UAE app or visit the RTA office. A notable initiative introduced in 2023 extends a Golden Chance to expatriates not belonging to RTA-approved countries, offering them an opportunity for qualification and license acquisition.

In conclusion, navigating Dubai’s driver’s license process involves careful adherence to eligibility, documentation, and training procedures, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of road rules and safety measures.



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