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Sazgar Receives First-Ever Electric Rickshaw Manufacturing License

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable transportation, Sazgar Engineering Works Limited has achieved a historic milestone by being awarded the very first license for electric rickshaw manufacturing in Punjab. The announcement, made during a prestigious ceremony in Lahore, signifies a pivotal moment in the province’s journey towards embracing environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, spearheaded this initiative, underlining the province’s commitment to fostering innovation and reducing its carbon footprint. The awarding of the manufacturing license not only propels Sazgar into a leadership position in the electric vehicle sector but also paves the way for a new era of cleaner, greener transportation options for the people of Punjab.

During the ceremony, Naqvi unveiled an ambitious plan to distribute 26 thousand electric motorbikes and rickshaws to the public on an interest-free basis. This strategic allocation includes e-bikes tailored for students, working women, handicapped individuals, the general public, and government employees. Such a diverse distribution plan reflects a thoughtful approach to ensuring that the benefits of electric transportation are accessible to all segments of society.

In an effort to encourage the adoption of electric bikes, Naqvi also announced a ban on government-level purchases of petrol-powered motorcycles across the province. This forward-thinking decision aligns with global trends in prioritizing sustainable transportation solutions.

The ceremony not only marked the beginning of electric rickshaw manufacturing but also saw the inauguration of the Qingqi Rickshaw Registration Program across the province. This program is poised to play a crucial role in regulating and promoting the use of electric rickshaws, further contributing to the province’s eco-friendly initiatives.

The event was attended by notable dignitaries, including the Consul General of China, Mr. Zhao Shiren, Consul General of America, Ms. Kirstin K. Hawkins, and various provincial ministers, emphasizing the significance of this momentous occasion.

As Sazgar takes the lead in electric rickshaw manufacturing, it symbolizes not just a business milestone but a collective stride towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future for Punjab. This groundbreaking development sets the stage for other regions to follow suit, creating a ripple effect that could redefine the landscape of urban transportation in the country. The electric revolution has begun, and Punjab is at the forefront, steering towards a cleaner and greener tomorrow.



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