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Salman Khan responded to the Rumors of INR 10 billion for Bigg Boss 16

The Bollywood actor was rumored to have apparently demanded Rs 10 billion for the 16th episode of the reality show.

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan on Tuesday dismissed reports that he is charging INR 10 billion to host the final season of Bigg Boss, saying that he will stop working on the day he earns such a huge amount. While he was said to have earned INR 3.5 billion for the last season of the show, a report in July claimed that Salman demanded Rs 10 billion for the 16th installment, Hindustan Times reported.

The actor joked that he plans to return hundreds of millions “that he never got.” Salman said, “If I get this amount, I will not work in my life. The INR 10 billion I was told I would get this year, I was going to return the money I never got. So the Colors TV channel will be in total profit.”

The 56-year-old actor joked that if he earns that much, he will use the money to pay off his lawyers. “If I get this award, I will have so many expenses like lawyers’ fees. Here Salman earns, here Salman gives. It comes, it goes,” he declared.



On a serious note, Salman said that his salary amount was “excessive”. He said: “There is income tax. The ED (Enforcement Directorate) will also notice and they will come. They know the truth.”

Salman shouts that viewers should expect the unexpected from the upcoming season as Bigg Boss is one of the participants this time. “I don’t know what will happen. Whatever happens will be good. This time the game is different because Bigg Boss is part of the competition. This season will be different, fast and unpredictable.”

Salman, who has hosted Bigg Boss since 2010, said he has developed an affinity for the show over the years. “It’s been 12 years, it’s a long time. I’m used to it. I like the game, there is a lot to learn. You meet so many people. You protect those who are bullied and you bully the bully. In those four months, we will form a bond,” he concluded.



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