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PEMRA Bans Airing of “Hadsa” due to its “unpleasant content.”

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued an immediate ban on the airing and reprise of the TV drama serial Hadsa following days of persistent criticism. PEMRA bans airing of “Hadsa” in the wake of a commotion about how the drama supposedly depicts the Motorway rape case.

According to the regulatory authority, “the theme of the drama serial Hadsa is incredibly offensive, upsetting, and not accurately representing Pakistani society”.

The title of the notice was stated as  “Objectionable content/theme of drama serial Hadsa”. In order to request action under Section 27 of the PEMRA Ordinance 2002, Barrister Khadija Siddiqi, Advocate High Court, filed an objection through Barrister Muhammad Ahmed Pansota, Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan. 

The storyline of the drama serial “Hadsa” seems to portray a sensitive issue based on the Motorway incident. This fact has been denied by actor Hadiqa Kiani and showrunner Wajahat Rauf which sparked a wave of widespread dissatisfaction. Many viewers voiced their worries on PEMRA’S official Twitter handle, emphasizing how the drama would worsen the victim’s anguish.

PEMRA took immediate notice saying “Broadcast/rebroadcast of drama serial Hadsa is hereby prohibited immediately under Section 27 of PEMRA Ordinance 2002 as amended by PEMRA (Amendment) Act 2007. The matter is further being referred to the Council of Complaints for appropriate recommendations to the Authority for final decision”.

PEMRA issued a notice in Urdu whose translation clearly mentions the importance of the cultural and national dignity of Pakistan. It is translated as “The authorities’ dedication to upholding content quality and making sure it adheres to Pakistan’s cultural and ethical norms is demonstrated by the ban on Hadsa”. Additionally, by taking this move, PEMRA cautioned the broadcasters to preserve the guidelines of producing content. PEMRA bans airing of “Hadsa” to underline the moral codes of society and respect to the opinions of  public. The authority alarmed the broadcasters to telecast the content/dramas that depicts the real image of Pakistan.


Lastly, the decision of the Council of Complaints will decide the future of this drama serial. This incident also clarifies the responsibilities of PEMRA as the decision emphasizes upon cultural integrity of Pakistan. A focal point to ponder is that the PEMRA provided a decision based on the PEMRA Code of Conduct. It accentuated the crux of defending and preserving Pakistan’s media environment and content standards.



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