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Seedstars Develops Platform for VCs and Emerging Markets in Pakistan

Global venture capital firm Seedstars International Ventures has launched a new platform called Seedstars Capital in partnership with Swiss investment holding company xMultiplies to assist aspiring fund managers in establishing and growing their investment businesses.

Four exceptional partners, including the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Visa Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Symbiotics, have joined to serve as the fund’s anchor investors. These partners have extensive experience in venture capital and have made a significant impact in emerging markets.

As Charlie Graham-Brown, Seedstars partner, said, “I do not doubt the abundance of talented founders or the market opportunities, but the challenges can’t be ignored. Our strategy innovates on many levels to mitigate risk, whether through our country’s diversification, portfolio construction strategy, value creation platform, or blended finance structure. We have a unique recipe, an incredible team, and backers in place to build on the success of the first fund and level the playing field for tech entrepreneurs around the world.”

In spite of rampant growth in recent years across the venture capital industry, the number of funds raised by the VC was below $50 million. All these funds can deploy highly skillful and talented managers as submitted by an exceeding number of diverse and new teams with limited resources and track records, reducing the number of venture capital partners.

Seedstars Partner Patricia Sosrodjojo stated, “Investing and impact don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Our strategy combines these two critical objectives in one, and we believe that is what both founders and investors are searching for.”

The Seedstars wants to bridge the gap between the emerging market and diverse managers so they can develop strategies, and provide resources to the large community of experts, limited partners, mentors, administrative and tech-related infrastructure. The company is working to bring those assets and teams together on a platform to get impactful and high-performing strategies across emerging global markets.

Seedstars launched its first fund for a seed-stage and pre-seed emerging industry agnostic pioneer of the market funds. It focuses on other sectors like ClimateTech, EdTech, and supply chain.



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