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‘Storm into the Future’ with StormFiber New TVC

We have seen many TV commercials where actors and models mindlessly wander here and there to promote their products. Some present bizarre traditional songs while others tend to stage dance performances to advertise their newly offered cake. 

Stormfiber has emerged with something new for the audience. Changing this traditional advertising method into something new and innovative. Recently the internet service provider has replaced the bizarre Pakistani advertising method by featuring a humanoid (human-robot hybrid) in their latest TV commercial.

Stormfiber has also featured Faisal Quraishi in the lead role of the TVC, where the Pakistani heartthrob is seen shocked to meet the humanoid, the future of humanity, ringing his doorbells.



At the start, Faisal fights with a poor internet connection and fails on his video calls. The humanoid named, Future comes to the rescue as it represents StormFiber’s 100% fiber-optic connection. The new fast and reliable network connection from “Future” aims to transform all the digital experiences of homes, such as downloads, video calls, and TV experiences. The StormFiber internet is also great for gaming and streaming, improving the user’s overall experience.

The TVC also highlights how the ultra-fast connection will prepare users to make the most of opportunities in the future. This commercial is the first time StormFiber has introduced a mega TVC campaign that changes the perspective of old Pakistani traditional advertising.

StormFiber is also giving tough competition to all the internet service providers in the market with its affordable packages. Another ISP tends to lack the speed StormFiber delivers, which takes the user experience to the next level. The surveys from the Pakistani gaming community reveal e-sports significantly improve the players’ experience overall.

The brand has constantly been improving its services in the fiber optic footprint across the country with innovative solutions. StormFiber is currently offering services in 18 cities across Pakistan. Watching the futuristic TVC, we hope to see brands come up with something different, this time with interesting ideas and content that presents fresh and relatable experiences.



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