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Summit Bank’s Name Change to Bank Makramah Limited

Summit Bank Limited (SMBL) has undergone a transformative journey, officially rebranding itself as Bank Makramah Limited (BML) effective November 7, 2023. This strategic shift, endorsed by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and the Federal Cabinet, signifies a comprehensive rebranding initiative propelled by the Board of Directors since July.

At the heart of this transition is the acquisition of a controlling stake by UAE investor Nasser Abdulla Hussain Lootah in April. With a commitment demonstrated through subscribing to 3.98 billion new shares at Rs2.51 per share, Lootah’s investment is a pivotal catalyst for the bank’s future trajectory. The infusion of new leadership aims not only at redefining the institution’s identity but also orchestrating a holistic transformation in its operational philosophy.

One of the cornerstones of this strategic evolution is the vision to emerge as a full-fledged Islamic bank, aligning operations with the principles of Islamic finance. This shift represents a deliberate and forward-looking move, embracing a more inclusive and specialized financial approach. It positions the bank to capitalize on the burgeoning market for Islamic banking in Pakistan, while also aligning with broader global trends in financial services.

The rebranding of Summit Bank to Bank Makramah Limited is more than a name change; it’s a testament to the institution’s commitment to adaptability and resilience in the dynamic landscape of the financial industry. As it navigates this transformation, the bank is not merely changing its identity but signaling a strategic dedication to thrive in an ever-evolving financial ecosystem.



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