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Top 10 Happiest and Unhappiest Countries in the world, 2023

1. Finland

Finland Europe Country

Finland is the world’s happiest country with a happiness level of 7.842. The population of Finland is 5.5 million. Tourism is another consequential benefactor helping economic development.  

2. Denmark

Denmark Beautiful Country

Denmark has a 7.62 happiness index value. Its total population is 5.8 million as it’s a Scandinavia country. 

3. Switzerland


Switzerland, no doubt is a tourist country. It is ranked as the happiest country because of its breathtaking scenery. Other than that Switzerland is also a flexible marketplace with a low unemployment pace. The country is also a pacemaker in long-lasting energy research and production. 

4. Iceland


Iceland is considered the happiest place because it gives quality water, fresh air, high capita income, social equity, security, reliable public, and safety. It is providing low corporate tax, a well-organized business atmosphere, and a competent crew. 

5. Netherlands


The Netherlands is also known as Holland. It is the happiest country because of its high standards of education, open society, steady economy science and technological innovations, and agriculture. The Netherlands can be an incredible location to begin a new business. This country presents start-up visa schemes for people with an entrepreneurial perspective. 

6. Norway


Norway is among the happiest countries as it provides an attractive location, a large English-speaking population, family-friendly public procedures, the opportunity to work and grow, free high-quality healthcare, and multicultural people. 

7. Sweden


Sweden is the happiest place for its outstanding career civilization, picturesque beauty, freedom of the word, availability of modern comforts,  multicultural and multilingual population, quality healthcare infrastructure, gender equality, citizen safety, and security, and environment-friendly public life, 

8. Luxembourg 


Luxembourg is a small landlocked European Union member country; with a living standard, high per capita income, and a business environment. 

9. New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is a new alluring terminus for its outstanding healthcare structure, multicultural-friendly population, senior-friendly public infrastructure, world-standard education skills, steadily expanding economizing, and vast open wildlife

10. Austria

Austria Beautiful Country

Austria is among the happiest country as it is traditionally a high-income economy upholding political detachment from the rest of the world. The major attraction of Austria is good workplace conditions, high salaries, income tax benefits, a high standard of living, and social security. 

The top 10 unhappiest nations around the globe are; Afghanistan, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, The Central African Republic, Tanzania, Syria, Botswana, Yemen, and Malawi

The powerful causes behind the low happiness rate of the saddest countries in the world are Low per capita GDP, Vague public healthcare facilities, Low life yearning, High levels of corruption, and Lack of independence in choosing a social and political area. 



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