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First food delivery by a Flying Man in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh ∙ A video of an employee flying off with goods in Saudi Arabia is going viral on social media. The video of the delivery man flying and arriving at the doorstep with the goods is circulating. It is not clear which company it belongs to, what exactly is behind the scenes, or where the incident took place.


A part of the video shows the employee safely landing on the doorstep with the help of the flying machine with the goods. In another part, the employee can be seen flying off the top of a building with supplies. The media reports that the video is from Saudi Arabia.


Efforts to deliver goods to customers in less time with the help of drones are being tested in Saudi Arabia. Discussions related to this are also active. Meanwhile, the company in Riyadh started using the service of ‘flying man’ for delivery.

However, the authorities have not released any official information about this.



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