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Waseem Badami`s Twitter Account Hacked

In a surprising turn of events, the renowned Pakistani television host, Waseem Badami, found himself at the center of a social media storm when his X account, formerly Twitter, fell victim to hacking.

Despite Waseem Badami not addressing the breach personally, journalist Iqrar-ul-Hassan Syed confirmed the incident on X.

The hacked account took an unexpected turn, deviating significantly from Badami’s usual serious and professional online demeanor. The initial post from the unidentified hacker greeted followers with a friendly ‘hello’ and a heart emoticon, followed by a casual ‘Morning darling.’

As the posts continued, straying further from Badami’s typical content, they hinted at potential revelations and concluded with advice on staying truthful. The irony of the impersonator preaching truthfulness while assuming Badami’s identity added an unexpected twist to the situation.

Despite the obvious signs of hacking, the posts persisted, leaving Badami’s followers both bewildered and amused. While security concerns were raised, many users engaged playfully with the tweets, responding and reacting to the unexpected content.

As fans await a post from Waseem Badami after regaining control of his account, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of even renowned personalities in the face of online security challenges.

Addressing the situation on his official Twitter account, Iqrar-ul-Hassan shared the news of the alleged hack, urging followers to disregard any posts from Waseem Badami’s handle until control of the account is restored. The hacker, using the compromised account, also announced a significant revelation later in the day.

Waseem Badami, a television host with a substantial social media presence, boasting more than 5.1 million followers on his official Twitter account (referred to as X), highlights the far-reaching impact of online security incidents. Stay tuned as the saga unfolds, revealing the aftermath of this unexpected social media storm.



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