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Punjab Reduces the Retake Time for the Driving License Test

Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, visited the Police Khidmat Markaz at Liberty Chowk in Lahore last night, interacting with citizens and addressing their concerns. This unexpected visit resulted in a groundbreaking announcement that is set to reshape the process of obtaining a driving license in the province.

A major highlight of Naqvi’s visit was the announcement of a significant reduction in the retake time for the driving license test. Effective immediately, citizens will now have the opportunity to retake the test after a waiting period of only 15 days. This is a notable departure from the previous policy, where individuals had to endure a prolonged 42-day waiting period before getting a second chance to pass the test and acquire their licenses.

The caretaker CM’s decision aims to streamline the licensing process and alleviate the inconvenience faced by applicants. Naqvi expressed his commitment to enhancing the efficiency of public services, making it easier for citizens to navigate bureaucratic procedures.

In addition to the revision of retake time, Chief Minister Naqvi addressed the pressing issue of citizens having to endure long wait times, especially during the winter season. To mitigate the impact of chilly weather on those awaiting their turn, arrangements have been ordered to ensure the comfort of individuals at Khidmat centers.

Acknowledging the complaints of lengthy queues at service centers, Naqvi introduced a forward-thinking solution. Starting from December 25, citizens will be able to schedule appointments in advance, minimizing the time spent waiting in line. This move is expected to enhance the overall experience for individuals seeking driving licenses, providing them with a more organized and time-efficient process.

In a technological leap, the caretaker CM announced the imminent launch of mobile applications for obtaining driving licenses and learner’s permits. The applications will be compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, offering a convenient and accessible way for individuals to navigate the licensing process from the comfort of their smartphones.

The initiatives introduced by Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi reflect a proactive approach to governance, focusing on citizen-centric policies and the adoption of technology to modernize public services. As these changes take effect, it is anticipated that the driving license application process in Punjab will become more user-friendly and efficient, setting a precedent for other administrative reforms in the region.



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