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Lahore Police Increases Fine for Driving Without a License to Rs. 5,000

Lahore City Traffic Police (CTP) has taken decisive action against driving without a valid license, as part of their ongoing efforts to promote road safety and enforce traffic regulations. Recent reports reveal that the CTP has set up license checkpoints across the city, intensifying their crackdown on unlicensed drivers.

Currently, the fine for driving without a license stands at Rs. 2,000. However, in a bid to deter offenders and reinforce compliance with traffic laws, the CTP has submitted a proposal to the provincial management seeking to increase the fine to Rs. 5,000. If approved, this significant penalty could serve as a stern warning to those tempted to take the wheel without proper authorization.

In May 2023, the CTP enforced strict measures against unlicensed driving, issuing fines to thousands of motorists on a daily basis. Additionally, over 22,000 drivers with learner’s permits and more than 6,000 individuals with expired licenses were given warnings. The reiteration of these measures demonstrates the authorities’ commitment to making the streets safer for everyone.

The CTP urges all citizens to ensure that their driver’s licenses are valid and up-to-date before embarking on any journey. By adhering to this essential requirement, drivers not only protect themselves from legal consequences but also play a crucial role in safeguarding the lives of fellow road users.

Emphasizing a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy towards non-compliance, the CTP remains steadfast in their pursuit of a safer and more responsible driving culture in Lahore. Driving without a valid license poses inherent risks not only to the offending driver but also to innocent pedestrians and other motorists. Thus, this initiative aims to instill a sense of responsibility and accountability among all drivers.

As the proposal awaits official consideration, it serves as a reminder to motorists in Lahore to prioritize road safety and respect traffic regulations. By obtaining and maintaining a valid driver’s license, drivers contribute to a safer and more orderly traffic environment, enhancing the well-being of the entire community. Let us all work together towards a future where safe and responsible driving becomes second nature to every citizen.



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