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Shein onboard former co-president Lazada to help helm his ship

Shein, a Chinese fast-fashion e-retailer, has brought another high-profile executive Jessica Liu on board as vice president for global brand operations. Liu will be responsible for “global brand partnerships,” 

Jessica brings rich experience in the e-commerce sector across global markets, and we look forward to having her join the Shein growth story,” announced in their press release.

Shein jumped on the third-party bandwagon just like Alibaba veterans keeping in mind that Jessica Liu is the right candidate to grow Shein’s global business. She has been working with international brands that could help Shein scale faster across multiple product categories.


Jessica Liu started her career in publishing at the state-owned Chinese press. In 2005, she started her career at Amazon and worked for 7 years. A year after e-commerce giant Jessica Liu entered China via the acquisition of 

After that, she spent 7 years at Alibaba as a manager of Tmall footwear and sportswear. In 2017, she launched the Luxury Pavilion project, a platform within Tmall for fashion and luxury brands. Coinciding with her reputation, more than 45 brands signed up in the first year of the launch.

In 2018, she inaugurated the “China Day” project during the New York Fashion Week, which helped 4 Chinese brands to build global brand recognition. 

Liu then joined Lazada as a president in February 2020, a role she quit in June 2021 “to spend more time with her family.” 

Shein is a Chinese fast-fashion and lifestyle e-retailer making the beauty of fashion accessible to all. It is the world’s largest e-retailer as of the year 2022. The company is known for its affordably priced apparel. They use on-demand manufacturing technology to connect suppliers to its agile supply chain. Shein reduces inventory waste which enables them to deliver a variety of affordable products around the world. It has also become a master of managing a vast network of contract manufacturers. 

The company has established its supply chain system in Guangzhou with 3000 suppliers. From their global offices, they reach customers in more than 150 countries. 

Last year, Shein broke into the US and European markets and achieved a gross merchandise value of US $20 billion. But Shein’s low-margin, high-volume business is increasingly under threat by its Chinese peer Temu.



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