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PIA Flight Forget Passengers Luggage at Dubai Airport

PIA, a government-owned international flight service provider, forget its passenger’s luggage at the Dubai International Airport. 

It is distressing to imagine that the passengers had to go through the dilemma of their lost luggage at the airport. Many individuals complained about the negligence and poor leadership of PIA and its staff members. Many dissenters pushed the higher authorities to pay heed to this case. It was not the first time PIA acted like this when they forgot to load passengers’ luggage. 

The airlines tried to make up for their mistake and claim all these people as they ensured they brought back their lost luggage through Sharjah.

PIA crew members’ training should be improved as it is a recurring incident ruining this airline’s reputation adversely. After reaching the Karachi airport, they found out about the loss of this luggage as per the details. The travelers question their management and responsibility to provide them with their belongings securely. 

Travelers strongly protested against their mishandling and poor administration. All of them called higher management to take notice of the event. Regrettably, in 2020 worse case happened, as crew members of PIA left pieces of baggage of over 50 passengers from their Sharjah to Islamabad flight. The airlines faced similar reactions from people as they learned about the mismanagement of PIA flight PK-182 at Sharjah Airport.

As per the reports of Airline Ratings, Pakistan’s national airline PIA( Pakistan International Airlines), is now on the list of worst airlines around the globe regarding the safety of people. This ranking consists of a 1-7 star rank and four parameters for the airlines. 

Unfortunately, as per the study, Pakistan International Airlines received the lowest ranking with only one star. Besides this, many international airlines also ranked one star in terms of security and safety, such as Iran Aseman, Blue Wing, Sriwijaya, Air Algeria Scat, and Airblue. 

To make passengers feel safe, PIA urgently needs to improve its services, especially security and safety.



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