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Visa and HBL Launch Global ‘She’s Next’ Program in Pakistan

Visa, a global leader in digital payments, has teamed up with HBL, Pakistan’s largest private bank, to introduce the renowned ‘She’s Next’ program in Pakistan. Designed to empower women entrepreneurs, the program aims to address the challenges faced by women-led businesses, including funding constraints, digital transformation barriers, and limited access to advisory services.

Through the ‘She’s Next’ program, women entrepreneurs in Pakistan have the opportunity to apply for a grant of US$10,000, along with access to a tailored training program and a comprehensive suite of resources offered by the She’s Next Club. With the initiative’s focus on funding, mentorship, and training, the program seeks to foster an environment conducive to the growth and success of women-led small businesses.

Umar S. Khan, Country Manager for Pakistan at Visa, emphasized the importance of the ‘She’s Next’ program in recognizing the potential of women entrepreneurs and providing them with the necessary support to thrive in a competitive business landscape. Aamir Kureshi, Head Consumer, Agriculture & SME Banking at HBL, expressed the bank’s commitment to promoting women’s participation in the economy through financial inclusion and comprehensive skill-building initiatives.

In a bid to understand the challenges and aspirations of female entrepreneurs in Pakistan, Visa conducted the Women SMB Digitization Index survey, revealing crucial insights into the entrepreneurial journey and highlighting key areas for empowerment. The survey underscored the need for a conducive business environment, access to mentorship, and a robust digital infrastructure to facilitate the growth of women-led businesses in the country.

The launch of the ‘She’s Next’ program in Pakistan represents a significant step towards fostering gender-inclusive entrepreneurship and driving sustainable economic growth through the empowerment of women in business.



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