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Celebrating Foodpanda’s Success at the Dragons of Asia Awards

Foodpanda, a leading name in the food delivery and e-commerce industry, is elated to share its recent triumph at the Dragons of Asia Awards. The prestigious accolades received, including two Gold Dragons and the esteemed Black Dragon, serve as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to marketing excellence and innovation.

The Dragons of Asia Awards, renowned for recognizing outstanding marketing campaigns across the region, have acknowledged foodpanda’s exceptional achievements. Notably, the recognition of the groundbreaking Pau-Pau launch campaign in the Best Social Media Word of Mouth category highlights the company’s dedication to crafting impactful and influential marketing strategies.

Foodpanda Dragon of Pakistan

These significant awards not only underscore foodpanda’s position as a pioneer in the industry but also reflect its continuous efforts to expand its portfolio of innovative services and solutions for its customers. The CEO, Muntaqa Peracha, expressed pride in the company’s accomplishments, emphasizing the team’s dedication to delivering high-impact marketing campaigns and providing exceptional service to its ever-growing customer base.

Foodpanda’s success at the Dragons of Asia Awards serves as a beacon of inspiration for the entire industry, highlighting the importance of continuous innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction.



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