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Sindh Imposes Pillion Riding Ban for Security during Muharram

In a move to enhance security and maintain public safety during the solemn observance of Muharram, the Sindh Government has announced a temporary ban on pillion riding in the province. The ban will be enforced on the 9th and 10th of Muharram, falling on Friday, July 28, and Saturday, July 29, respectively. This precautionary measure aims to prevent potential security threats that may arise during this sensitive time of religious significance.

The Ban Details

The Sindh Home Department has issued an official notification detailing the temporary ban on pillion riding for motorcycles across all provincial districts. As per the notification, riding with a passenger on a motorcycle will be strictly prohibited on the specified dates. However, it’s essential to note that certain individuals will be exempted from this ban. Women, children, disabled persons, and senior citizens are exempted to ensure they can commute safely during this period.

Additional Security Measures

In conjunction with the pillion riding ban, the Sindh Government has also suspended all permits for carrying weapons throughout the province. This measure is taken to mitigate any potential risks of violence or security breaches during the observance of Muharram.

Furthermore, the provincial interior department has imposed a ban on all kinds of meetings and processions in the province, except for gatherings related to Muharram. This restriction aims to ensure that events taking place during this sensitive time are well-managed and organized with proper security measures in place.

Motorcycle Entry Ban in Islamabad’s Red Zone

In addition to the measures taken by the Sindh Government, the Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICTP) has announced a ban on motorcycle entry into the city’s red zone until the 12th of Muharram, which falls on Monday, July 31. To facilitate entry for residents and visitors, a shuttle service has been introduced from three designated points – Serena Chowk, Parade Avenue, and Marriott Chowk. The public is advised not to bring motorcycles to the red zone area during this period to maintain security and public order.


The Sindh Government’s decision to impose a temporary ban on pillion riding during the observance of Muharram demonstrates its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its citizens during this religiously significant period. By taking proactive measures, such as restricting pillion riding and suspending weapon permits, the government aims to prevent any potential security threats and create a peaceful environment for the community to observe Muharram.

During this time, it is crucial for the public to cooperate with the authorities and adhere to the imposed restrictions for the collective welfare of the community. As we come together to commemorate Muharram, let us remember the importance of maintaining harmony, respect, and understanding in our diverse society.



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