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Adnan Anjum Resigns as GCCO of PTCL and Ufone

Adnan Anjum has recently left his role as Group Chief Commercial Officer (GCCO) at PTCL and Ufone. He has now taken on the position of Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Pure Health.

Pure Health is a leading healthcare solutions provider in the UAE. Adnan Anjum brings with him over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry.

At PTCL, the former GCCO held several positions, including Head of Marketing, before joining PTCL Group in 2021 as GCCO. As a head of marketing, he played a pivotal role in driving growth and innovation. He played a major role in launching new products and services and expanding Ufone’s user base. Adnan also improved PTCL’s revenue numbers.

As CDO of Pure Health, Anjum will oversee all aspects of the company’s digital operations. He will be responsible for its growth and expansion strategy.

Pure Health provides various healthcare solutions, including laboratory services, diagnostic imaging, and medical devices. This company has a significant presence in the UAE and neighboring countries.

Anjum’s telecom experience will be beneficial in the healthcare sector, which is increasingly relying on technology and digital solutions to improve patient outcomes.

Anjum’s expertise in scaling large businesses will be leveraged by Pure Health. His digital product skills could help the company grow further in the comparatively mature UAE market.

At PTCL, Zarrar Hasham Khan, currently the Group Chief of Business Solutions, will serve as acting GCCO. The upcoming GCCO is likely to be from within the industry and fill the position soon, according to sources.



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