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Apple Watch Series 8 Specs and Price

Your favorite Apple digital watch has become more powerful and efficient. The Apple Watch Series 8 has a release date of September 7th and has been announced alongside the iPhone 14.

This watch is equipped with advanced technology and makes it your essential companion. This watch is integrated with the latest temperature sensor to give you a better understanding of your health. It also has an accident detection system to call for help in an emergency. And with the latest Apple Watch Series 8, you can better manage your health, sleep schedule, and exercise routines. 


Made of durable materials that are seamless and smooth. The design of the watch is simple and stylish. This watch can be used for formal or informal gatherings. Its design has a bright and large display that is always on. The always-on display is the latest addition to Apple’s lineup and is also included in the iPhone 14 series. This means you can now display the icons and notifications you want on your watch face without having to press a button every time. Even if you lower your wrist, you can see the screen.


A narrow border is made to direct the light of the screen towards the edges. This creates a classic integration with the curves of the watch case. Its bright and large screen now has additional features like typing, tapping and even swiping to take photos. The always-on screen keeps notifications and important information at your fingertips. It’s accurate, the watch face is easy to read, and it has lots of fun features to explore.


This watch is very durable and has a thick front crystal and a solid shape. A smooth base has been added to make the watch less prone to cracking. This innovation in the watch is worth it. The watch is IP6X certified against triple dust. It is also water resistant, so you can wear it while swimming or exercising.


The watch is swim proof and has a WR50 water resistance rating. This means 50 meters of water resistance under the ISO 22810:2010 standard. Always wear them for shallow water activities such as swimming in the ocean or pool. This watch should not be worn during water skiing, scuba diving, or other high-speed activities that require immersion in shallow water. However, water resistance may decrease over time and is not a permanent feature.


Apple Watch Series 8 is built to robustly monitor your health. It is integrated with advanced sensors that update your health, so check it out. Below you will see the details of all the sensors and their functions.

Temperature sensors

Apple has introduced a temperature sensor to the Apple Watch Series 8 so women can keep track of their cycles. A temperature sensor senses your body temperature while you sleep and tracks changes over time. This temperature measurement is used by Cycle Track to provide an estimated time of possible ovulation. This feature may be useful for couples during family planning. However, the data are only estimates and cannot be used to diagnose health conditions. Also, the data cannot be used for contraception.

By combining cycle track data with recorded cycles and heart rate, the watch provides an accurate estimate of your menstrual cycle. Adding wrist temperature data improves similar results. Also, if there is a deviation in the recorded time, the watch notifies the owner. This can lead to longer or irregular cycles. Therefore, Apple Watch Series 8 can become the essential companion that you need on a daily basis.

All your health and cycle information is stored on your watch using a password, Touch ID or Face ID.

Dream Machine

This watch consists of a sleep app that tracks your sleep schedule. This app displays main or deep sleep and REM sleep time. It also displays the wake-up time. Not only that, but now you can record your ECG with Apple Watch Series 8 anytime, anywhere. As Apple claims, just open the ECG app and measure your data. However, the use of this application is not recommended for users under 22 years of age.

Dream machine

Blood Oxygen Measurement

Another great innovation is the ability to measure blood oxygen saturation with the Apple Watch 8. Equipped with an app, this great sensor can measure your blood oxygen level at any time of the day or night with the option to read in the background. However, users should note that this data may not be used for medical purposes, self-diagnosis of conditions, general fitness, wellness, or consultation with a physician.

Health App

The health app on the watch helps you to maintain your health effectively. Can monitor your medications and vitamins. With the medication app, you can keep track of your medications, supplements, and vitamins. 

Health app

Crash Detection Sensor

The new collision detection sensor is an innovation that we never thought of. This watch can detect if the owner has been involved in a serious car accident. If a collision is detected, the watch immediately connects the person to emergency services and provides your location to the dispatcher. It also automatically notifies emergency contacts. This system works with a 3-axis gyroscope, gravity accelerometer, microphone, GPS, barometer and advanced algorithms. Plus, it’s developed by testing over one million hours of real-world crash data while driving. Its g-force accelerometer can detect shocks up to 256 G.

Fall detection can detect if a person has fallen and is unable to move. In such a case, it is automatically connected to the emergency number. This feature is also optimized during your workout.

Emergency SOS

The Emergency SOS feature is available by pressing and holding the side button. The watch connects to local emergency services and shares your location. However, this feature requires a Wi-Fi connection or cellular data from your watch or iPhone.

Workout app

The exercise program allows you to find new ways to exercise. Use the Apple Watch Series 8 as a trainer. The Advanced Workout app includes amazing workout views with advanced metrics like heart rate zones and custom intervals.

Heart rate zones quickly measure your intensity level. In addition, training zones are automatically personalized and calculated using your personal health data. You can also enter your health data manually. Customize your watch to receive heart rate, speed, power and cadence alerts.

Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness Plus raises the bar. There are 11 exercises, mediations, and audio-guided walks. You can also change your workout pattern to suit your energy and style. This watch comes with many new features that will keep you working out for anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes. You can also stay up-to-date with personalized metrics for all the workouts offered on your watch.

With Apple Pay, you can send money to friends and family and pay instantly from your wrist. However, this app is not available in all markets. You can check the countries and regions where Apple Pay is available. Siri solves half the problem. Just mentioning it will make your life easier in your busy schedule.

Battery life

The Apple Watch Series 8 has an impressive battery life of 18 hours during the day up to 36 hours. You can also switch to low power mode to run a little longer. This feature is also useful if you don’t have a charger with you or you are on a long flight.

Family setup

The family settings feature allows you to pair your iPhone with your children, siblings or parents. This feature is useful if your family members do not own an iPhone. However, you cannot use all functions with this setting.

The latest Apple Watch Series 8 is the ultimate personal device with many features and applications on your wrist. You can choose your favorite style and customize it in as many ways as you want. 

Key features

  • 45/41mm swim-proof
  • Always-on retina display
  • Blood oxygen app
  • ECG measurement
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Crash detection
  • Emergency SOS

Apple watch series 8 price in Pakistan

You can buy this watch directly from the Apple Store or through their website by paying online. Its price may vary depending on the seller. Apple watch series 8 price in Pakistan starts from 95,680 PKR



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