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Befiler partners with Careem to promote Tax Compliance

Befiler, NTN’s leading tax filing and enrollment portal, recently partnered with Careem, the region’s leading multi-service application, to promote a culture of tax compliance among Careem colleagues. As part of this understanding, Careem colleagues will be able to file their tax returns using the Befiler app and/or portal and receive support and guidance from Befiler consultants to effectively engage in the process and become part of the Active Taxpayer List (ATL). .

Befiler believes that by leveraging technology and its digital platform, the entire tax filing and compliance ecosystem can be automated, making it easier and simpler for taxpayers, resulting in more citizens becoming compliant without having to shy away from the complicated nature of submission of applications. . Befiler has already simplified the tax filing process by offering a step-by-step process that allows users to enter their tax information in a question-and-answer format. Along with the easy format, a free facilitation is provided which also aims to build a general understanding of the taxpayers

Speaking on the occasion, Befiler CEO and Co-Founder Akbar Tejani said:

“The main problem for Pakistan’s economy is its undocumented economy and inadequate tax filing culture, which is made worse by the complexity of tax compliance. Befiler is pleased to partner with Careem to address this issue by providing Careem employees with a direct and user-friendly digital solution and guidance from Befiler consultants to assist them with tax compliance.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Feroz Jaleel, Country Head of Careem Pakistan said, “We are extremely pleased to partner with Befiler and facilitate our colleagues across Pakistan to file their individual tax returns. Proactive filing of tax returns is the responsibility of all individuals and as a responsible legal entity, Careem encourages all colleagues to do so and make the most of this partnership.”

Careem has over 800,000 captains registered on its platform so far and has invested up to $100 million since its inception in Pakistan in 2016. Transformation into a super application; Careem offers many opportunities as it expands its services to include the mobility of people, things (daily essential deliveries) and money (peer-to-peer credit transfers and mobile top-ups).



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