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Daraz Pakistan Announces Million Dollar Creator Fund at its First Influencer Convention

Daraz, Pakistan’s pioneering e-commerce platform, has reached a significant milestone by unveiling a Million Dollar Creator Fund during its inaugural Influencer Convention in Karachi. This fund aims to expand and strengthen its live commerce and affiliate influencer program within the country. Notably, Daraz has already generated an impressive 4.4 Billion Rupees in Revenue through its Live & Affiliate influencer program, establishing itself as a trailblazer in live commerce, following in the footsteps of its parent company, Taobao, in China. The company views live commerce as a strategic avenue for long-term success and business sustainability.

This fund underscores Daraz’s unwavering commitment to fostering a sustainable ecosystem in Pakistan that mutually benefits brands and influencers in achieving their business objectives. Currently boasting a community of over 2,400 creators, Daraz aims to increase this number to 10,000 within the next year. As the largest live streaming platform in the country, they have garnered over an astonishing 2.2 billion views and an impressive 4.6 billion minutes of content watched. Daraz has further fortified its mission through partnerships with renowned brands such as Unilever, Reckitt, Loreal, Dawlance, and Xiaomi, all aimed at elevating live commerce and affiliate influencer marketing across Pakistan.

Speaking about this remarkable achievement, Muhammad Ammar Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer at Daraz Pakistan, shared, “The announcement of a million-dollar creator fund is a monumental step towards establishing a sustainable creator ecosystem in Pakistan and supporting the creator economy. We are resolutely committed to nurturing and expanding the creator ecosystem while facilitating multiple monetization avenues.”

Ali Rizvi, Head of Daraz Live and Affiliates, reflected on their success, saying, “Our triumph can be attributed to our commitment to understand the challenges faced by creators and addressing them through automation and complete transparency. Daraz Live Commerce & Affiliate Influencer Marketing stands as a shining example of this success, having significantly reshaped the creator economy in Pakistan through innovative practices. We eagerly anticipate continued growth and expansion of our creator community while remaining dedicated to streamlining our support for creators.”



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